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abstract = {Restoring a gifted art photographer to his place in the American canon and, in the process, reshaping and expanding our understanding of early 20th-century American photography Clarence H. White (1871-1925) was one of the most influential art photographers and teachers of the early 20th century and a founding member of the Photo-Secession. This beautiful publication offers a new appraisal of White's contributions, including his groundbreaking aesthetic experiments, his commitment to the ideals of American socialism, and his embrace of the expanding fields of photographic book and fashion illustration, celebrity portraiture, and advertising. Based on extensive archival research, the book challenges the idea of an abrupt rupture between prewar, soft-focus idealizing photography and postwar "modernism" to paint a more nuanced picture of American culture in the Progressive era. Clarence H. White and His World begins with the artist's early work in Ohio, which shares with the nascent Arts and Crafts movement the advocacy of hand production, closeness to nature, and the simple life},
abstract = {Introduction : photographing together / Anne McCauley -- Amateur photography and the poetry of the everyday / Anne McCauley -- The Photo-secession and the paradox of pictorialist commercial photography, 1904-1912 / Anne McCauley -- Bringing fiction to life : Clarence H. White's photographic illustrations / Barbara L. Michaels -- Clarence H. White in the light of F. Holland Day / Verna Posever Curtis -- Rethinking the politics of pictorial photography : White and Socialism / Anne McCauley -- "Clean, strong, firm-fibred" : White's photographic nudes / Anne McCauley -- Progress and Pictorialism : the Newark Museum and photography, 1901-1923 / Perrin M. Lathrop -- Beyond the classroom : White as a teacher / Anne McCauley -- Design, abstraction, and photographic art : Max Weber at the White School, 1914-1918 / Ying Sze Pek -- "A thing of freedom" : Clarence H. White and aesthetic dance / Caitlin Ryan -- Saving art photography : White's late work and the legacy of Pictorialism / Anne McCauley -- Cyanotype, platinum, and palladium printing : the siderotype artistry of Clarence H. White / Adrienne Lundgren -- Clarence H. White's "best available examples" at the Library of Congress / Verna Posever Curtis -- Finished, unfinished, and experimental : the Clarence H. White collection at the Princeton University Art Museum / Peter C. Bunnell},
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