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  1. Fletcher, Alan [ Herausgeber/In ]

    Phaidon design classics : [industrially manufactured objects of aesthetic value and timeless quality: 1 definitive models of lasting influence and enduring significance; 2 objects that are innovative in their use of new materials and unite technological advances with beautiful design; 3 objects characterized by simplicity, balance and purity of form; 4 objects that are perfect in their design and have remained unchanged since their creation]

    London: Phaidon Press, 20XX

    SLUB Dresden

  2. Baetens, Jan [ Herausgeber/In ]

    Time and photography

    Leuven: Leuven Univ. Press, 2010

    Enthalten in: Lieven Gevaert series

    SLUB Dresden

  3. Bucher, Rüdiger [ Bearbeiter/In ]

    80 Jahre Reverso

    Ulm: Ebner, 2011

    Enthalten in: Chronos / Sonderheft

    SLUB Dresden

  4. Freytag, Heinrich [ Bearbeiter/In ]

    Grosse Photographen

    [Amsterdam]: Time-Life International, 1974

    Enthalten in: Die Photographie

    SLUB Dresden

  5. Farago, France

    L' art

    Paris: Armand Colin, 1998

    Enthalten in: Collection Cursus ; Philosophie

    SLUB Dresden