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  1. Maor, Hadas [ Herausgeber/In ]; Abdul, Lida ; Muzeʾon Ḥefah le-Omanut

    History of violence

    Ḥefah : Muzeʼon Ḥefah le-omanut, 2009

    SLUB Dresden

  2. Marks, Helene [ Mitwirkende/r ] ; Muzeon Yiśraʾel; Mall Galleries; Royal Northern College of Music; Ausstellung Israel observed <1981.12.02-1981.02.17, Jerusalem>; Ausstellung Israel observed <1981.04.29-1981.05.12, London>; Ausstellung Israel observed <1981.05.18-1981.06.17, Manchester>

    Israel observed : an exhibition by 10 British artists ; paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs ; sponsored by the British Council [and] the Cultural and Scientific Relations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem : 2.12.1980-17.02.1981; [The Mall Gall., London: 29.4.-12.5.1981; Royal northern College of Music, Manchester: 18.5.-17.6.1981]

    Jerusalem, Israel Museum, 1980

    Enthalten in:

    Hamburger Kunsthalle

  3. Pereg, Nirah ; Muzeon Yiśraʾel; Rose Art Museum

    Nira Pereg : the right to cleanין

    Jerusalem, Muzeʼon Yiśraʼel, 2015

    Enthalten in: Catalogue; no. 634

    Bibliothek, Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg

  4. Ginton, Ellen [ Mitwirkende/r ]; Zalmona, Yigal [ Mitwirkende/r ] ; Muzeʾon Tel Aviv; Muzeon Yiśraʾel; Exhibition Fresh paint <1988, Jerusalem>; Exhibition Fresh paint <1988, Tel Aviv>

    Tsevaʿ ṭari : ha-dor ha-tsaʿir be-omanut Yiśraʾel ; [Tel Aviv: Muzeʾon Tel Aviv le-omanut 1988; Yerushalayim: Muzeʾon Yiśraʾel 1988]= Fresh paint: the younger generation in Israeli art : [Kat.]

    Tel Aviv, Muzeʾon Tel Aviv le-omanut [u.a.], c1988

    Enthalten in:

    Kunstbibliothek - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin , Hamburger Kunsthalle