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  1. Horn, Walter William [ Autor/In ]

    The plan of St. Gall / 3 The Plan of St. Gall : a study of the architecture & economy of, & life in a paradigmatic carolingian monastery; appendices / by Walter Horn and Ernest Born with a foreword by Wolfgang Braunfels, a translation into English by Charles W. Jones of the Directives of Adalhard, 753 - 826, the Ninth Abbot of Corbie, and with a note by A. Hunter Dupree on the Significance of the Plan of St. Gall to the history of measurement

    Berkeley, Los Angeles, London : University of California Press, 1979

    Enthalten in: California studies in the history of art ;

    SLUB Dresden , Bibliothek, Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg , UB Heidelberg